The World's Most Advanced Inflatable Paddle Board Construction

The World's Most Advanced Inflatable Paddle Board Construction

Industry Leading Design, Technology, Materials and Performance from £699

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A Total Game Changer - 20% lighter than any other similar Fusion or Welded Inflatable Paddle Board

Best Quality Paddle Boards by Design – Cross Woven Drop Stitch combined with the latest Welded Fusion Technology is THE most advanced Inflatable Paddle Board construction in the World Today… AND QUROC IS LEADING THE WAY!

Working in partnership with the leading drop stitch manufacturer in the World, we have pioneered a Cross Woven Drop Stitch which has resulted in not only the LIGHTEST but also the STIFFEST and BEST QUALITY paddle boards on the market today. By Cross Weaving our internal polyester thread drop stitch at varying angles between the top and bottom internal layers, we have dramatically increased the strength of the board over the standard “off the shelf” linear drop stitch. This pattern creates the strongest possible latitudinal and longitudinal stability, in the same way as cross-beams act on a bridge or many other buildings.

The rails have also been strengthened with the addition of a 1.2mm Polyester Weave Internal Rail Layer (20% thicker than standard side rails) which offers further dimensional stability.

It’s quite simply a total game changer in Inflatable Paddle Board construction!

– 20% lighter than any Fusion Welded board
– Stiffer than Fusion Welded boards
– Smooth and durable surface finish which translates to a much improved glide on glassy water

Cross Woven Drop Stitch is currently available on the Qi Crossover Range.

Market Leading Technology - Building the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

X-Cross Woven Drop Stitch Monocoque Fusion Double Layer Technology - Rigid, Responsive and Durable

Quroc’s X-Woven Drop Stitch Construction takes Inflatable Paddle Boards to the next level! Coupled with the best materials and the latest Monocoque Fusion Technology available on the market.

The result is a board with a market leading weight/rigidity/strength ratio. This directly translates in to a better performance on the water.

All Quroc Inflatable Paddle Boards are also incredibly durable and we are the only UK Inflatable Paddle Board Company to provide a 3 year warranty.

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Inflatable Paddle Boards are constructed using hundreds of thousands of vertically aligned polyester threads which attach the top and bottom sections of the board. These threads, known as drop stitch, create and maintain the shape of the board and prevent it turning in to a sausage shape when inflated. Traditionally these threads need the additional support of multiple layers of laminated PVC to prevent lateral warping. Cross Woven Drop Stitch is a revolutionary new process which adds multiple angled high density threads to the drop stitch, creating a the strongest possible latitudinal and longitudinal stability, in the same way as cross-beams act on a bridge. Put simply, the top and bottom layers are connected by multiple threads that are cross-woven rather than just straight up and down, creating 50% more durable warp and weft tensile strength than existing drop stitch technology. The result is a stiffer and stronger internal core which doesn't have to rely on extra external laminated layers of PVC. This means we can reduce the amount of PVC in the manufacturing process which means a lighter more environmentally friendly board.
Monocoque Fusion Technology and Fusion Layer Technology (FLT) are all the same thing. It's a manufacturing process which welds or heat bonds layers of PVC together, removing the need for glue and human involvement (which can lead to error). The result is a double layer PVC which is not only strong but also, by removing the glue, much lighter! Combining MFT with Cross Woven Drop Stitch we have made the stiffest and lightest boards in the UK.