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We have had a very busy few weeks and demand for our boards remains high as everyone seems to be planning for happier times ahead. Our couriers have some major NHS contracts and are busy delivering equipment to hospitals. They have asked us to keep using their general courier services for as long as we can as it keeps their business viable and supports them while they are delivering this vital equipment. So if you are thinking of buying a board now for later in the spring/summer, we are fully stocked and ready to get your board to you. We would, however, advise ordering sooner rather than later as we can only supply boards while our couriers are still operational.

[services_small icon=”moon-office” dynamic_content_type=”content”]All our 2020 boards have been in the UK since early November 2020 so the warehouse is fully stocked for the whole season![/services_small]
[services_small icon=”moon-truck” dynamic_content_type=”content”]We work with the best logistics companies in the UK so, while it remains possible, all boards are sent on a next working day delivery[/services_small]
[services_small icon=”moon-phone” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Our team are only a phone call or email away so if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. Call 01446 792068[/services_small]
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Over the past two weeks we have received many calls and emails regarding Coronavirus so we thought it appropriate to lay down our current position and plans going forward.

We are currently fully stocked for the 2020 season. As some of our customers will be aware, over the last 8 years, we have an annual struggle to get enough stock in to satisfy demand. However, for 2020, we were finally in a financial position to source all our board packages early. This means our boards were in the UK in November, before Coronavirus even emerged in China.

Our Team are all currently working from home. We are social distancing ourselves but each Team Member has control over stock (which has now been split over 3 separate locations) and between our Team and our logistics partners we are confident of getting boards to you while the couriers are still permitted to operate. Our phone line has also diverted so please get in touch!


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