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Working in collaboration with FCS Europe, the 2018 Quroc Qi Crossover iSUP features the FCS Connect II10.0 Centre Fin.

The Qi Crossover has been completely redesigned for 2018. A slight increase in length, narrower nose and more parallel rail lines deliver extra speed and a more dynamic feel to your paddling, whist still maintaining the ability to catch a wave.  Straight-line speed has been increased as the nose cuts through the water more cleanly and less hand changes are required as the Qi Crossover holds its line extremely well.

Based on our design brief, FCS Europe matched their FCS Connect II 10.0 Allround Fin to the Qi Crossover. The fin ideally complements the board’s dimensions and performance goals by further increasing stability and its ability to hold a straight line, even in larger swell.  The US Fin Box, in to which the fin slots, provides the option of placing the FCS Connect II in a forward position to enhance manoeuvrability, or further back to increase stability and help maintain your paddle line.  The outcome is the perfect balance of speed, stability and manoeuvrability, ideal for exploring caves, gullies and rivers.

FCS Tooless Fin System

Hassle free performance

Most paddleboarders will have plenty of tales of ruined SUP surf or touring sessions due to lost fin screws or snapped fin clips. FCS now have the perfect solution.

FCS have done away with traditional screw attachments, using a titanium spring and polymer roller to hold the fin securely in place.  An extremely robust system which FCS estimate will last for over 4000 insertions / removals.