Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

Best Paddle Board

Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews by the Independent

Our INDY BEST BUY is the Quroc Qi Crossover!”

“If you want to expand your horizons then the Quroc Qi Crossover 11’4 is the paddle board that will get you there. It’s also the ultimate confidence builder so it will suit beginners and seasoned SUPers alike.”

“A real dream to paddle!”

“The board is exceptionally comfortable to ride, stable to stand up on and grippy once you’re up and paddling.”

“Suitable for beginners, the board is the ideal set-up for touring and, as your confidence builds and you get into longer distance trips, you won’t need to upgrade to a different model.”

Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews by the Telegraph

“Sporty and sleek, the responsive Quroc Qi Crossover Paddle Board gets top marks for manoeuvrability and design!”

“Dynamic. nifty and responsive!”

“In open water it flew downwind; afterwards, it proved streamlined enough to battle my way against the wind.”

“The pure carbon paddle can translate even inefficient technique into reasonable speed.”

Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews by SUPBoarder Magazine

Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews by SUPBoarder are are recognised as “THE” Industry Benchmark.

“A really nice, easy board to paddle that’s going to get a lot of people on the water for a very good price.”

“The board is finished off very well and easily compares to other top end boards on the market today.”

“Super light, strong and stiff.”

“World Class fin design.”

“The really, really good thing about the board is the fin is big which means the board paddles really well in a straight line. Love it, fantastic and a big thumbs up from us.”